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What Did I Miss? A Curation of Three Disney Animations and Compliance Lessons

In our rush to be the best, the brightest, or the quickest, we often forget to probe beneath the surface and to ask ourselves, “what did I miss?”

Enter Disney animations.

Whenever we are lured into feeling “comfortable,” we should ask the question – “what am I missing?” After all, the tension built in most stories result from some of the characters completely failing to notice that they have permitted a questionable presence into their lives, or refusing to be open to people and things outside their mental models.

In each Disney animation, the writers intentionally set up the ecosystem, incentives, and sequence of events to create tension caused by the characters’ decisions. And, the viewer can clearly distinguish between good and evil. But in real life and in corporate compliance settings, good and evil are not easily distinguished, and good does not always triumph over evil.

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