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Jenny Kim



Greetings, I’m JennY – RHYMES WITH “PENNY.”

Welcome to my online home!

Here, you can find my writing about –

  • my adventures managing corporate compliance programs related to laws regulating “blood, paper, and beds,” and whether more laws can effectively change culture (not!),

  • workforce and talent management, and second chances hiring,

  • children’s books and other great literature, and how they can play a role in providing valuable compliance lessons,

  • caring for aging parents who are still mobile (and still like to tell me what to do as if I were 3), and

  • any random historical trivia that involves fashion (Balenciaga and Dior, anyone?) and large, dysfunctional families who also governed countries.

I also enjoy being a podcast guest about how to positively affect the culture, structure and programs around compliance and talent management by weaving everyday, common elements to help people apply and succeed.

Because life certainly is not getting any easier.

Fun facts about me –

  • I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler;

  • I enjoy karaoke, especially older Broadway show tunes; and

  • I am vigorously trying to learn a couple of different languages on Duolingo – watch for my commentary on that too.



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