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The Value of Transitory Mentors With No Answers

When the next step is not clear, you actually do not need people with answers, because they may have answers to irrelevant questions. You probably do not know what your core questions are. Instead, you need good sounding boards who can help you brainstorm a list of questions that potentially will be edited down to your core questions that you need to ask to prepare for the next steps.

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Mentor and Leader Spotlight: The Late Admiral David M. Altwegg

“Leadership” is simple yet complex — it is about putting others before yourself, establishing and promoting trust and loyalty, and being a lifelong learner, because no one does it alone. It is a 24–7 type of dedication — it does not mean that you cannot enjoy life outside the office but life is better when you work at something that you are passionate about.

And, it is easier to put down words on paper about “leadership” than to actually practice and improve every day. But you have to — it’s like brushing and flossing your teeth.

You need to do it everyday.

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What is a Mentor?

What is a “mentor”? The 1913 version of Webster’s Dictionary defines a mentor as a “wise and faithful counselor or monitor.” But actually it depends on what you are seeking – answers? perspective? peer? aspirational? comfort?

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Athena the Mentor

What is a mentor? Even your dog can be your mentor – enter Athena, mentor to Jenny Kim. She taught me about the value of identifying and interpreting nonverbal communication.

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Gratitude: Health is Wealth

None of us know how long we have in this world, but we often forget to be grateful for the present. My mother’s health is not perfect, but I am grateful that she can recover and that she is here with me.

I reach over to grasp her hand and squeeze it gently.

Health is wealth, and for however long we all have our health, we should treasure it, each other, and the present.

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Blood, Paper, & Bed: How to Mitigate Risk Doing Business with the U.S. Federal, State, and Local Governments

Building a corporate brand and promoting corporate interests involves more than just producing and selling the best products and services—it also requires a company’s active involvement in a nation’s democracy. Active involvement includes executing a layered strategy that advances communication with and educates the government—U.S. federal, state or local—about the company, its products, its industry, and how government actions or regulations may affect it.

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